MCW Alumni are former MCW employees who made an impact on MCW.

Name Duration Notes
'Big Bull' Savo Yakeedo 2001-2002 (1 Year) Uncle of Takeshi Yakeedo
Black Death 2001-2004 (3 Years) 1-Time MCW Tag-Team Champion
Saint Roberto 2001-2004 (3 Years) Former Tag-Team Partner of Infernus
Bo Rai 2002-2006 (4 Years) 1-Time MCW Champion
The Android 2003-2007 (4 Years) Former Tag-Team Partner of K8
Jay Sean 2002-2007 (5 Years) 3-Time MCW Lightweight Champion
The Pink Arch 2003-2007 (4 Years) First and only MCW Superheavyweight Champion
Realgam 2003-2008 (5 Years) 2-Time MCW International Champion
Alan Jiriach 2002-2009 (7 Years) 2-Time MCW Tag-Team Champion
Deadioblo 2003-2009 (6 Years) 1-Time MCW World Champion
Varminox 2004-2009 (5 Years) 1-Time MCW World Champion
Total Poison The Cobra 2001-2009 (8 Years) 2-Time MCW Lightweight Champion
Thomas Law 2006-2010 (4 Years) MCW General Manager (2006-2010)
Andy Hill 2005-2011 (6 Years) 1-Time MCW Champion
Rob Smith 2007-2011 (4 Years) MCW Color Commentator (2007-2011)

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