MCW Bonfire Brawl 2010
MCW Bonfire Brawl 2010
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Promotion MCW
Date November 7th 2010
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Theme Song Like A Rose by Meat Loaf & Jack Black
Last Event MCW Last Man Standing
Next Event MCW New Year Skirmish 2010

Bonfire Brawl 2010 is the 7th Mega Event to be produced by MCW. And is the second Bonfire Brawl of it's chronology. The first Bonfire Brawl under it's new name. And is the first MCW CPV since the end of 2006 to not have an MCW General Manager after Thomas Law was fired between Bonfire Brawl and Last Man Standing.

# Matches Stipulations
dark Leo Aires defeated Takeshi Yakeedo Singles Match
1 Flash defeated Adam Raven, Jack Crew & Kayden 4-man battle royal #1 contender Match for the MCW Lightweight Championship at New Year Skirmish
2 Danny Jackpot defeated John Maverick Singles Match
3 Jim Michaels & Bret James defeated Damien 666 (c) 2 on 1 handicap Match for the MCW Tag-Team Championships
4 Chris Grangefield defeated Reali-T (c), Jase Lennon & Christian Tyson 4-man battle royal for the MCW International Championship
5 The Faction defeated Derek 3 on 1 Gauntlet Match
6 DD Davis (c) defeated K8 No Disqualification Match for the Unified MCW Champuionship