MCW Date With Fate 2011
-15 MCW Date With Fate 2011
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Promotion MCW
Date September 3rd 2011
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Theme Song One More Day by Eldrine
Last Event MCW Night of Legends 2011
Next Event MCW Immortal

MCW Date With Fate 2011 is the 14th Mega Event hosted by MCW. And it is the second of its chronology.

# Matches Stipulations
dark Jack Lessar defeated Takeshi Yakeedo Singles Match
1 John Maverick defeated Redline Singles Match
2 Bryan Scar defeated Slash Singles Match
3 Bret James & Jim Michaels defeated Infernus & Derek (c) Tag Team Match for the MCW Tag-Team Championship
4 Zak Leal & Kid Kobalt defeated Thomas Law & Flash Tag Team Match (See Notes)
5 Ray Kilik defeated D.D Davis No Disqualification Match
6 Leo Aires (c) defeated K8 Singles Match for the Unified MCW Championship
7 Adrian J defeated Leo Aires (c) Money in the Bank cash in for the Unified MCW Championship


  • In match 4, If Law & Flash win, then Law is reinstated as MCW General Manager and Flash gets a Unified MCW Championship title shot. If Zak Leal's team win, Law is banished from MCW forever and Flash is suspended for 6 months and Zak Leal's tag partner muct be lighter, shorter and less experianced than Thomas Law in MCW matches