MCW Rise To Royalty V
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Promotion MCW
Date January 13th 2011
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Theme Song Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin
Last Event MCW New Year Skirmish 2010
Next Event MCW The Rumble 2011

Rise To Royalty 5 is a wrestling event promoted by MCW. It is the 5th of it's chronology. 8 new superstars battle it out in an 8-man tournament where the winner gets an MCW contract.

Tournament Brackets

  Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
  1  Andrak    
8  Mark Norton PIN  
     Mark Norton SUB  
     Seb Konan    
4  Seb Konan PIN
  5  Afa Lomu    
       Mark Norton  
     Mike Rensyn PIN
  3  Hawk Jackson    
6  Mike Rensyn PIN  
     Mike Rensyn PIN
     Braden Sync    
2  Johnny Lee  
  7  Braden Sync SUB  

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