Mutatron Wrestling Entertainment
Acronym MWE
Establishment N/A
Owner(s) Mutatron101
Staff MWE1013
Formerly N/A

MWE:Mutatron Wrestling Entertainment is a CAW fed created by MWE1013.MWE was first created on January 17,2008. After over 500 MWE vids "Muatron" decided to create three sperate brands! "Clash","Satin(Divas Only)",and "Chill(Coming Soon). MWE has 60 wrestlers on the roster as of now. MWE has 5 CPV's. More will be added soon.


  • Gillberg
  • Bloodscream
  • MBWrestler87
  • Kenji Fujimoto
  • E.Z. Flash
  • Steve Slasher
  • MVG(Marcus Von Goldberg)
  • Eddie Vegas
  • Grimlock
  • Necrostorm
  • Styx
  • Paul Terror
  • Roger Adams
  • Gunther H. Jakobs
  • Zack Hardy
  • Shawn Hardy
  • Sam Marley
  • Dan Reed
  • K.C. Churchill
  • Dave Parker
  • Taku Yamada
  • Yoshi Toshida
  • Neji Chono
  • Bruno Takahashi
  • Moymoy
  • Roadfill
  • Brian Redeye
  • Jimmy Pitt
  • Red Demon Jr.
  • Devlin Vile
  • Monoxide
  • Takeshi Nakamura
  • Alex Hill
  • Aaron Stron
  • Jimmy Buck
  • Clyde Daniels
  • Masterbubu


  • Juicy Lucy
  • Roxxi Darkhart
  • Daisy James
  • Lady Liberty
  • Brontosaurus Kiyone
  • Ino Toyota
  • Ryoko Hokuto
  • Ursula
  • Penny Nicklez
  • Lori Tempers
  • Tsuji Miyazaki
  • Black Arachnia
  • Discord
  • Envy
  • Melanie
  • Makoto Ishikawa
  • Megan Stark
  • Laura Bentley
  • Cassie
  • Kris"The Icon"Kennedy
  • Dee Hollywood
  • Mihoshi Tanaka
  • Sunflower

Tag Teams

  • The Lost Boyz
  • The Trenchtown Mafia
  • The Y.A.M.(Yokohama Asian Mob)
  • The Oni Bad Boyz Club
  • The Battle Creek Ruffians
  • The Insane Clown Rejectz
  • Root Beer Money Inc.
  • The Twilight Outlawz
  • Moymoy Palaboy


MWE World Heavyweight Champion


MWE Intercontinental Champion


MWE United States Champion

Super Nerd 

MWE Unified Tag Team Champions

The Oni Bad Boyz Club

MWE Women's Champion

Kris "The Icon" Kennedy

MWE Hardcore Champion

Roger "The Green Viper" Adams

MWE National Heavyweight Champion

Zack Hardy

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