Mack Naito is a retired CAW superstar going by the name of Mack. He is currently retired after suffering a bad case of turf toe. 

Mack Naito
Names Mack
Height 6'2
Weight 250lbs
Born June 13 1992 (age 20)
Birthplace Queens, New York
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Queens, New York
Billed from Queens, New York
Trained by Extreme Caw Wrestling Training Camp
Debut November 18, 2011
Retired November 19,2011

ECW 2011-2011

Mack debuted in ECW  and in his first match he amazed the crowd with great shows of strength and overvall the match is considered the best of all time. During the match it was obvious that Mack had a turf toe injury. His opponent was telling him to stay down but yet he got still got up and after hitting the Book End Mack got the victory. He was carried through the crowd who were amazed by this kids determination. The next night Mack revealed that he could no longer wrestle due to his injury. 

Personal Life

Mack was born into royalty by our Lord Anno Domine, and beloved wife of Prince Ethelbald PottyLumps. By the tender age of 7 he had lost most of his sanity after being tied to a dead donkey for 3 years. This was a punishment from his mom, for setting fire to her chin and left eyeball. When he got older he met an octopus called "Timmy" who he became best shopping buds with. One day Timmy spontaneously combusted after he fed him a rancid orange, and he was all alone again. After several years od depression he decided that it was time to move on in his life. He decided to wrestle in order to help over his loss.


Book End


Do You Want To-Franz Ferdinand

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