MWF Is A CAW Fed Which Debuted In Mid-2008 And Ended Late 2008, It Returned on August 26th 2009

MWF Champions

MWF Champion:Link

MWF Tag Team Champions:Bart Simpson & Milhouse Van Houten

MWF Cruiserweight Champion:Noddy

MWF Ladies Champion:Hermione Granger


Venom-Finishers: V-5, Doomstone

Michael Jordan-Finisher: Slam Dunk

Sagat-Finishers: Sagat Bomb, Sleeper Hold Of Death

Wario-Finishers: Dream Street, Dream Sleeper

Link-Finishers: ZeldaSault, Nintendo Driver

Noddy-Finishers: Jingle Bell Drop, Nodding Splash

Bart Simpson: Finishers: Prank Slam, DCKO

Milhouse-Finishers: Van Houten Crossface, Cutter

Herminoe Granger-Finishers: Muggle Bomb, SpellaFaction

Ace Lightning-Finishers: Lightning Bomb, Bolt Shocker

Neo-Finishers: Matrix Slam, X-Factor

Kim Possible-Finishers: RKO, Punch Combination

Princess Daisy-Finishers: Mushroom Slap, Pretty Slam

Carnage-Finishers: Carnage Breaker, Self Destruct Splash

Harry Potter-Finishers: Twist Of Magic, Patronus Driver

Lord Vodermort-Finisher: Death Sentence

Trunks-Finishers: Dragon Decimator, Z Splash

Max Payne-Finishers: Payne Drive, Payne And Destruction

Amy Rose-Finisher: Rose By A Light

Tails-Finishers: Game, Set, Death, T Bone

Espio-Finishers: Exploder, Chaotix Launcher

Mighty-Finishers: C-U, Speed Shell

Silver-Finishers: White Light, Emerald Fusion

Apocalypse-Finishers: Last Chance, Age Of Apocalypse

Ace Ventrua-Finishers: Nature Lock, Ventrua Kick

Pink Ranger-Finishers: Firebird Shot, Pink Sault

Ron Weasley-Finishers: Weasley Weezer, Weasley Splash


Battle Royale



Unforgiven Sins

Welcome To Hell

Summer Mayhem

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