Marcus Nash
Marcus Nash
Names Marcus Nash
Height 6'2
Weight 218 pounds
Born May 7, 1989(23)
Birthplace Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Resides Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Billed from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Trained by 'Stunning' Jerry Zane
Debut 2011

Marcus Nash is a CAW professional wrestler. In professional wrestling, Marcus is a One-time World Champion (FNW World Title (1)). FNW does not consider its World Championship counted towards any actual World Title reigns though.

Current Leagues

Since his debut Marcus Nash has been competing for roster spots on CAW Champions League and Derek's Championship Wrestling League.In ATW [DCWL's Developmental Territory] he has been fueding with Anthony Washington.Marcus Nash has had numerous matches with Anthony Washington under many rules [Parking lot Brawl,Single and Cage Match] with Marcus Nash coming out a loser. Marcus Nash is also currently competing in Jordan Federation Wrestling. Mark Nash along with his rival Anthony Washington would be eliminated on ATW Episode 4.

Special Appearences

Marcus would also compete in CCL. 



Title History


Entrance Themes

7eventh Time Down- Alive In You

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