Mason Kronik
Names Mason Kronik,
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Died September 03, 2010
WEDF DCO Episode 6
Resides Miami,Florda
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Trained by Brock Lesnar, Lance Storm, Dolph Ziggler
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The CAW documented in this page is a very loose example of the the term "original". Laugh at the lack of creativity on the part of the creator.

Brock Lesnar rip off who died and his owner tried to resurrect him (he is alive now though). And he failed. And whilst he may call the people who call him dead "just ome (which is spelt wrong) overated (spelt wrong again) cawleagues (spelt wrong once again, learn how to spell) and caw fans and douche bags", fact is, nobody but like 3 people actually ever cared for his CAW. One being Sushixcreations, who's an idiot and loves every original CAW. But in reality, it comes down to this
  • WEDF, a league with 4,000 subscribers says your dead and those 4,000 subscribers think your dead
  • CCL, a league with 400 subscribers says your not dead. But 399 of those subs only care in seeing their own CAW in their league, and probably think Kronik is still dead from WEDF.

And the owner said it himself that the CAW was dead, and posted a video showing its death, so its hypocritical of him to start a edit war of this shit.

However, CCL (a league which accepts every CAW submitted to it, and fell out with WEDF when he said he didn't like a episode of CCL (seriously)), VCW (who?), and AWF NXT(who?) still have Kronik, presumably some sort of a zombie verison of Kronik.

It's Walleh Time

IWT negotiated a contract for Mason Kronik and eventually acheived this during June 2011. In his debut match on Episode 2 Pass Out, Mason won a Number 1 Contenders match to face the then X-Division Champion the Mountie Otto at IWT Fan Control.

Championships and Accomplishments

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