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Matthew Gray
Matthew Grey
Names "Arrogant" Matthew Gray
Height 5'10
Weight 212 lbs
Born July 5, 1992 (22 years old)
Birthplace Annville, Pennsylvania
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Annville, Pennsylvania
Billed from Annville, Pennsylvania
Trained by Steve Blackman
Debut 2000
Retired {{{retired}}}

Matthew Gray is a New Legacy Inc CAW wrestler who is currently signed to ECW where he is in his first reign as the ECW TV Title.

ECW (2000-Present)

Gray was signed to ECW and immediately would be put in the ranks for a TV Title shot. He would make his debut in a match against Kid Kash, successfully winning with a spinebuster pin. Gray after having a 10 minute classic with B Billy would on next show have his toughest challenge taking on Jazz in a Lumberjack Street Fight which Gray would win. Gray would also compete against against Simon Diamond in a brutal Pennsylvania Street Fight which ended when Gray hit Simon with the Bawitdaba on the ringside ramp. Gray would lose his first match in a tag match with Simon Diamond as his partner against Big Sal and Angel. Gray would on the next show compete in his first Death Match against Devito which he would win via submission. At his first PPV Guilty As Charged he would compete in a Gauntlet Match against Devito,Chetti,Angel, and Roadkill where he would start out first and pin every person. Gray would team with Chetti in a tag team table match but lose to New Jack and Big Sal. After competing in multiple tag team matches Gray would fight Jason for the ECW TV Title in a Last Man Standing Match. Right after Gray had Jason down for 10 count it was revealed that it was a Last Man Standing Iron Man Match. Gray would still win with the score being 18-2. 



Finishers and Signatures

Bawitdaba(Lifting sitout double underhook facebuster)

Pearl Necklace(Front Headlock to Cutter)


"Booger" by Michael Pummell

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