Mike Maximilian
Mike Maximilian
Names Maximus Matter
Height 6'3
Weight 210 lbs
Born July 9, 1987
Birthplace Tampa,Florida
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Tampa,Florida
Billed from Tampa,Florida
Trained by The ITF
Shawn Dynasty
Debut 2009
Retired {{{retired}}}
James Maxwell McArthur is a CAW Wrestler better known by his ring names Maximus Matter who is currently signed to The Independent Training Facility as Mike Maximilian. His gimmick is that he's homosexual, and part of the tag team Maximum Pain alongside his husband, Prince Pravin.


Maxwell would make his debut match in CAW at CAWllision 3 in a losing effort to the Jumpmeisters  in a tag match, teaming with Prince Of Pain. He would compete again in the 30 man battle royal but would be eliminated by Visera and Dylan. Maxwell would again compete at CAWllision 5, this time in a 6 man tag with DerekTheVExtreme and Prince Of Pain and like before lose to Team ACWL.


Maxwell would make two appearances in DCWL, both to interfere in DerekTheVExtreme's matches.


After a long break from wrestling, Maximilian would come back with his long time tag partner and now husband Kenneth McArthur (Formerly Prince Pravin) with a new look and under the name Mike Maximilian and fight for a shot at the ITF Tag Titles against Smash n' Bash. They would lose via Sleeper Hold.

Personal Life

Maxwell originally wanted to be an actor and briefly took classes at the University Of Florida in 2008 but later dropped out in order to train to become a wrestler. He credits his time roleplaying as historical figures to his original outfit. Maxwell is openly gay and while attending college he would meet also now wrestler Kenneth McArthur better known as Prince Of Pain and the two would start dating. They would get married June 28, 2015.

In Wrestling

  • Scoop Piledriver
  • Chickenwing Headlock
  • Fameasser
  • With Prince Pravin
    • Flying Rimjob (Diving headbutt low blow)

Championships & Accomplishments


Starset- My Demons (Current ITF Theme)

Jim Johnston- Jazz Stinger (Old theme with DerekTheVExtreme)

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