The Minestry of Greatness is a CAW wrestling stable, currently wrestling in the Dynasty wrestling franchise. It's made up of four superstars, DWF Champion, Sir Magic, Lord Pistoia, The Big Charz & Perfect Koehler. The Great One is a former member.

First Run

The MoG was a dominant force in the DWF, they held many titles. Although, this was the main cause of the MoG's fall. Lord Pistoia or TGO was either the DWF Champion, they started to feud. Backstage, the MoG didn't get on, so they decided to fold.

Second Run

Wrestlemania 2. They day the MoG got back together, with assistance, Sir Magic won the Money In the Bank. Pistoia won the X Divison Title, Charz & Koehler caputed the tag titles and TGO won the DWF Title. The band was back together.


The next DWF CPV was Backlash. After Magic & Charz & Koehler all lost while Pistoia & TGO regained their titles. Suddenly, after TGO's match with Gonzales, MoG ran down and attacked TGO. Magic cashed in his Money In The Bank and won the title, because of this TGO was left serously injured.

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