Mr. Canada is a Canadian professional caw wrestler trained by Bret Hart and currently wrestling for World Championship Caw Wrestling (WCCW) and Global Caw Wrestling.

Mr. Canada
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World Heavyweight Championship Caw Wrestling


Mr. Canada debuted in 2009. Mr. Canda and the rest of the caw wrestlers left the company after WCCW was no more.

Return to WCCW

Mr. Canada and the rest of the WCCW originals returned to the company and the owner created a tournament to decide the new champions of every WCCW Championships. Mr. Canada made his return debut in the WCCW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament and faced Napoleon from GCW and lost by pinfall after a Fisherman Suplex into a DDT and was eliminated from the tournament and was put directly into the WCCW International Championship Tournament. In the WCCW International Championship Tournament Mr. Canada faced Toshi from NJCW and won by pinfall after a backbreacker and advenced to round 2 of the WCCW International Championship Tournament.

Global Caw Wrestling


Mr.Canada Debuted on GCW Evolution in a Fatal 4 Way Match for the GCW Championship against Napoleon, Epic Ball, and Icedude and lost when Icedude pinned him after an Ice a Cution. Mr. Canada debuted on the first GCW Smack it Down in a Tag Team Match with a member of Team Canada against.

Championships and accomplishments

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