All Or Nothing
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Promotion NAW
Date September 30th 2009
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Last Event Emperor Rule
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NAW All Or Nothing was the 4th Pay Per View NAW will hold. Matches being contested on Smackdown vs Raw 2009, Smackdown Shut Your Mouth, and No Mercy along with the debut of Peter Griffin on the card.

This event was later uploaded on after the original "4DannyJackpot20" account was deleted. It was uploaded on the "NAW Classic" show.

The Card

# Results Stipulations Game Used Commentary
Pre Ryan Rex def Biff Andreas Special Ref: Toxicosis WWF No Mercy
1 Peter Griffin def Scotty 2 Hotty Singles Match WWF No Mercy
2 Eminem def Joker, Petey Williams,& Colin Delaney Elimination, Winner keeps their job in NAW. WWF No Mercy
3 Raven(c) def JBL, William Regal, & Link Elimination match for NAW European Championship Smackdown Shut Your Mouth
4 Bret Michaels(c) def  Larry It NAW Intercontinental Championship Smackdown vs Raw 2009
Main Event Pornoman(c) def Sub Zero and Mr Kennedy NAW World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown Shut Your Mouth

NAW's All Or Nothing's Theme Song

"One Thing" - Finger Eleven