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Promotion NAW
Date May 14, 2009
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New Age Wrestling's first ever pay per view where the main event would be the first time a NAW World Heavyweight Champion would be crowned. Sub Zero and Joker had both made it to the finals of the NAW World Heavyweight Title Tournament that also had Eminem, Larry It, Godfather's ho, Ortvatistadon, Andre the Giant, and Samoa Joe in the tournament but all had lost earlier matches.

The Card

# Results Stipulations
1 Bret Michaels def Pornoman,Eminem,Godfather's Ho (All 3 eliminated via Pinfall) Four Man Battle Royal for the Number 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title on Warzone
2 Too Cool 2 def Ortvatistadon/Andre The Giant (Pinfall/Rikishi pinned Ortvatistadon) Tornado Tag Match
3 Larry It def Samoa Joe,Mr Kennedy(c) (Pinfall/New Champion) Triple Threat Match for the NAW Intercontinental Championship
4 Sub Zero def the Joker (Pinfall/New Champion) Singles Match for the NAW World Heavyweight Championship


"Breath" - Breaking Benjamin

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