Anarchy Anniversary 2010
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Promotion NAW
Date May 2nd, 2010
Theme Song
Last Event NAW North Full Potential, NAW South Timeless Turmoil
Next Event NAW North Vendetta II, NAW South Violent Encounter
  • This is also the name of the NAW Anarchy (2009) Event.

The NAW Anniversary show was a simlar to concept to Wrestlemania. It was also the first time NAW North and South did a combination CPV show.

The Card

# Results Stipulations Game Used Brand
1 Larry It def Andrew Liana, Kane and Pornoman 4 Way Elimination Match NAW Contract in the Case WWF No Mercy North
2 Shawn Michaels def Billy Gunn, Ichigo Kurosaki and Daniel Baader Ultimate X Match WWF No Mercy South
3 Shawn Dynasty def Spriter Singles Match WWF No Mercy North
4 Biff Andreas def Jerry Atric Metal Ring Match WWF No Mercy South
5 Jack Swagger(c) def Sonic the Hedgehog NAW Extreme Championship WWF No Mercy South
6 Javori Smart & Caylen Rogers (c) def Hawaiian Crippling (The Crippler & Tito) NAW Tornado Tag Team Championship Ladder Match WWF No Mercy North
7 The Kishi(c) def Steve Blackman NAW Television Championship WWF No Mercy South
8 Waluigi def TRS(c) "ACWL" World Heavyweight Championship WWF No Mercy South
Main Event First Fall: Chris Johansen def Ryan Rex, The Rock(c) and Shadow The Hedgehog (c)
Second Fall: Chris Johansen def Shadow The Hedgehog (c) and Ryan Rex
NAW World Championship (First Fall) & NAW Intercontinental Championship (2nd Fall) WWF No Mercy North