Emperor Rule
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Promotion NAW
Date August 16th, 2009
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Last Event Vendetta
Next Event All Or Nothing

About this PPV

This PPV is set for the NAW True Emperor Tournament 2009 and where the finals will be held and the winner receiving the NAW World Title Shot the same night. The NAW Intercontinental Championship was held on WWE Day of Reckoning. Sub Zero vs Mr Kennedy was held on Def Jam: Fight for NY

# Results Stipulations Commentary
Pre The Ladies Man def Super Jawann, Cowlex, Toxicosis, Ryan Rex, Arthur Johnson, C-Jork, Ron Rusher Over The Top Hardcore Battle Royal for NAW Contract
1 Pornoman def JBL NAW True Emperor Tournament 2009 Finals, Winner faces Larry It later in night for NAW World Title Dave Martini
2 Raven def William Regal(c), Petey Williams, & Joker 4 Man Elimination for NAW European Championship
3 Bret Michaels def Link(c) TLC for NAW Intercontinental Championship
4* *(Nothing) def Colin Delaney*
5 Mr Kennedy def Sub Zero Steel Cage Match
Main Pornoman def Larry It(c) Singles Match for NAW World Heavyweight Championship


Pre Show Hardcore Battle Royal Detailed

Draw Entrant eliminations Eliminated by
1 C-Jork 1 The Ladies Man
2 Super Jawann 0(1*) The Ladies Man
3 Ron Rusher 0 The Ladies Man
4 Arthur Johnson 0 C-Jork
5 The Ladies Man 4 WINNER
6 Cowlex 1 Super Jawann*
7 Toxicosis 0 Cowlex
8 Ryan Rex 0 The Ladies Man


  • Super Jawann eliminated Cowlex after he was eliminated


"Illusions" - As I Lay Dying