NAW Final Countdown
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Promotion NAW
Date April 22nd - 24th, 2011
Theme Song Final Countdown By Europe
Last Event NAW North Vendetta II /
NAW South Violent Encounter
Next Event New-WWE/NAW Royal Rumble 4

NAW Final Countdown is NAW's first CPV since Allan Caesar had taken over majority management. This is the first Final Countdown in NAW history as Allan inspired it from the old ACWL Final Countdown CPV. The involvement of Team ACWL on the event almost having control of all the highercard matches are due to Allan Caesar being the GM of NAW. The last time NAW had a pay per view before this, North and South still had there boundary lines in NAW. Ultimate Reckless Wrestling also joins the pay per view to defend their URW Sacrifice Championship against NAW Superstar Steven Raden.

The Card

# Results Stipulations Commentated By
Pre Shadow The Hedgehog def Dynamite, Matt Eichorn, Jeff Winninger NAW/ACWL vs URW vs WCW vs DCWL Over Top Rope Battle Royal HellsOnlyChild
1 Oshujax & Chris Johansen def Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo © NAW Tornado Tag Team Championship, ACWL Rules, Losing Team is Fired Otto & Matt Eichorn (Homer)
2 Evan O'Shea def Biff Andreas, The Crippler(c) and Shawn Dynasty NAW Television Championship, Elimination Match Derek The V Extreme & DJ Jordan
3 Biff Andreas def Larry It ©, Steven Spriter and Link NAW Intercontinental Championship, NAW Scramble Match HellsOnlyChild
4 Allan Caesar def The Rock ACWL World Heavyweight Championship Oshujax
Main Event Bret Michaels def Pornoman © NAW World Championship, Ladder Match Oshujax
ME-2 Larry It def Bret Michaels (c) NAW World Championship Oshujax
After-Show Steven Raden def CM Punk (c) URW Sacrifice Championship HellsOnlyChild
AS-2 CM Punk def Steven Raden (c) URW Sacrifice Championship HellsOnlyChild


  • 1: Before the match, ACWL World Champion and NAW General Manager abused his powers and made the match a losing team is fired before the match.
  • 3: Biff Andreas replaced Guile and announced his allegiance to Team ACWL after the match.
  • 4: NAW Management had decided who Allans opponent would be.
  • ME-2: Larry It had cashed in his NAW Contract in the Case on Bret to get a World Title match.
  • AS-2: CM Punk had cashed in his rematch clause immediately on Steven Raden and re-won his championship.