Reckless Rebirth
NAW Reckless Rebirth
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Promotion NAW
Date January 1st 2010
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Last Event New-WWE/NAW WrestleMania IV
Next Event New-WWE/NAW Night of Champions

New Age Wrestling made the feat of lasting into making it into the year 2010, which people thought it wasn't possible. With NAW's poster boys: Bret Michaels, Pornoman, and Larry It on the card.

The Card

# Results Stipulations Game Used Commentary
Pre Ryan Rex,Arthur Johnson and Dylan Connell Fight to a 15 Minute Draw Triple Threat Match WWF No Mercy
1 Suspect def. Ed Kewl DCO World Heavyweight Championship Singles Match WWF No Mercy
2 Mr Kennedy(c) def. Shawn Dynasty NAW Television Championship Ladder Match WWF No Mercy Derek the V Extreme
3 The Crippler def. Larry It(c) NAW Intercontinental Championship & New-WWE Money in the Bank Singles Match WWF No Mercy
4 Chris Johansen def. Link(c) "ACWL" World Heavyweight Championship Cage Match WWF No Mercy Derek the V Extreme
Main Event Bret Michaels def. Pornoman(c) NAW World Championship

30 Minute Iron Man Match

WWF No Mercy