The Final Chapter
Naw the final chapter poster by dapowercat316-d5j1ncb
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Promotion NAW
Date 2013
Venue Tampa Bay Times Forum
City Tampa, Florida
Theme Song Champion in Me by 3 Doors Down
Last Event New-WWE/NAW WrestleMania VIII
Next Event N/A

About this PPV

This CPV is set to be the final New Age Wrestling event in the show's history. It's planned to be a reunion show, where it'll feature the greatest superstars that NAW had to offer over the years. It will be booked by Biff Andreas, a former NAW superstar.

# Results Stipulations
Pre Tyler King (c) vs Norm "The Storm" Dailey New-NAW Intercontinental Championship
Pre 2 Guile and Shadow vs Billy and Chuck Tag Team Match
1 Andrew Liana & Steven Raden (c) vs The Flock (Steven Santos & Raven) vs Hawaiian Crippling (Tito & The Crippler) vs Hunico & Camacho Double Shot Tag Team Rumble for the NAW Tornado Tag Team Championship
2 Evan O'Shea (c) vs Ryan ReX NAW Television Championship
3 The Suspect vs Spacecore Holly Singles Match
4 Caylen Rogers vs Javori Smart Singles Match
5 Matt Eichorn (c) vs Jerry Atric NAW Intercontinental Championship
6 Pornoman vs Link Singles Match
7 Sub Zero vs The Joker vs Mr. Anderson Triple Threat
8 Biff Andreas & Shawn Dynasty vs Oshujax & Chris Johansen Tag Team Match
9 Allan Caeser III vs Waluigi Singles Match
10 Ortvatistadon vs Toxicosis vs Arthur "Bonecrusher" Johnson vs Eminem Fatal Four Way
Main Bret Michaels vs Larry It Singles Match


Champion in Me by 3 Doors Down


  • Jerry Atric and Caylen Rogers are coming out of retirement for this event.
  • The Holly/Suspect match was created due to the massive controversy over Spacecore Holly winning his NAW Contract at New-WWE/NAW Royal Rumble 5.
  • Javori and Caylen was put together due to Caylen Rogers and Javori inexplicably splitting up while they were a tag team in NAW and settling their differences in New-WWE; but now Caylen Rogers will be coming out of retirement for round two with his former partner in NAW.