NAW Tornado Tag Team Championship
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Current champion(s) Andrew Liana & Steven Raden
Date Won October 25th, 2011
League NAW
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Introduced 2010
Retired N/A
Most reigns Javori Smart Oshujax, & Chris Johanson (2 Reigns)
First Champion Shawn Dynasty & Ryan ReX
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The NAW Tag Team Championship was NAW's way to kick in the 2010 year, It was made after both the NAW Hardcore Championship & the NAW Television Championship was made defunct in NAW. All NAW Tornado Tag Team Championship matches are contested under Tornado Tag Rules, Which explains the name.

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Notes:
Raven's Flock/The Flock
(Ryan Rex (1) & Shawn Dynasty (1))
1 Defeated Chris Johansen and Arthur Johnson on NAW Showdown Episode 4 to become the first ever champs.
The Dudleyz
(Bubba Ray (1) & D-Von (1))
1 Defeated The Flock at NAW Destruction Zone to win the belts.
NAW Tornado Tag Team Titles is brought to NAW North 3/6/10
Hawaiian Crippling
(The Crippler (1) & Tito (1))
1 Defeated Dudleyz, The Flock, and Mankind/Al Snow in a Double Shot Tag Team Rumble on the NAW North 3-6-2010 webmatch.
Javori Smart (1) & Caylen Rogers (1) 1 Defeated Hawaiian Crippling at NAW North Full Potential
Javori Smart (2) & DamaRJ (1) 1 Defeated Caylen Rogers at NAW North Vendetta II when Javori Smart and DamaRJ attacked Caylen after a scheduled title defense between Rogers/Smart and Matt Mayhem/Chris Hardy.
Vacated after NAW ends on 6/9/2010, NAW soon returns after though
Billy & Chuck
(Billy Gunn (1) & Chuck Palumbo (1))
1 Defeated Hawaiian Crippling on NAW Mayhem Episode 18 to win the championships.
Oshujax (1) & Chris Johansen (1) 1 Defeated Billy & Chuck in a loser gets fired, ACWL Rules Match at NAW Final Countdown to win the titles.
(Shadow The Hedgehog (1) & Guile (1))
1 Defeated Oshujax & Johansen on NAW Webmatch 7/31/2011 to win the Tag Team Championships, Right after Allan would remove them from Team ACWL.
(Oshujax (2) & Chris Johansen (2))
2 Right after Guile and Shadow were kicked out of Team ACWL, It was revealed these men were now part of the group and was given an immediate rematch and defeated Guile & Shadow on NAW Webmatch 7/31/2011 to win the Tag Team Championships
Andrew Liana (1) & Steven Raden (1) 1 Defeated Guile & Shadow the Hedgehog for the championships Replacing The Champions Oshujax & Chris Johanson after they no showed the match at New-WWE/NAW Royal Rumble 5.