NAW's True Emperor's Brackets for the 2009 Tournament

About Tournament

The winner of this tournament would face the World Champion (Larry It) for the title at NAW Emperor Rule. The finals of this tournament would also be at NAW Emperor Rule.


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
  1  Pornoman (Pin)    
8  Raven    
     Pornoman (Pin)    
     Mr Kennedy    
4  Mr Kennedy (Pin)  
  5  Bret Michaels    
       Pornoman (Pin)  
     John Bradshaw Layfield  
  3  John Bradshaw Layfield (Pin)    
6  Sub Zero    
     John Bradshaw Layfield (Pin)  
2  Link (NAW Intercontinental Champion)  
  7  Joker (Pin)    

Winner of Tournament faces NAW World Champion Larry It for the NAW World Championship later in the night at NAW Emperor Rule.

World Championship?

Pornoman had won the NAW World Heavyweight Championship from Larry It.

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