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Promotion NAW
Date June 6, 2009
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Last Event Anarchy
Next Event NAW Emperor Rule

New Age Wrestling's second ever Pay Per View where it was not all done on WWF No Mercy. Matches included Larry it and Bret Michaels for the NAW Intercontinental Championship on Smackdown vs Raw 2009 and Link vs Rikishi for the NAW Hardcore Championship on Smackdown Here Comes the Pain!

The Card

# Results Stipulations Commentary
Pre John Bradshaw Layfield def Waluigi (Pinfall) Singles Match
1 Pornoman(NAW) def Perry Saturn(WZW) (Pinfall) New Age Wrestling vs WZW War Zone Wrestling
2 Vanilla Ice(CCF) def Samoa Joe(NAW) (Pinfall) New Age Wrestling vs Celebrity CAW Federation
3 Bret Michaels(c) def Larry It (Drew First Blood) First Blood Match for NAW Intercontinental Championship Bpez
4 Rikishi def Link(c) (Pinfall/New Champion) Hardcore Match for NAW Hardcore Championship Bpez
5 Mr.Kennedy def Joker and Sub Zero(c)(Pinfall/New Champion) NAW World Heavyweight Championship


"Sick Vendetta" - Eva Trill