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Acronym None
Establishment August 18th, 2010
Owner(s) Danny Jackpot
Staff None
Formerly None
New Age Wrestling's fourth episodically show first originally made to be a Heat/Velocity sort of show. Mayhem would stop being produced and this would replace and become the only show that's currently airing regularly for NAW.

NAW Voltage History

NAW Voltage 1

NAW Voltage 2

NAW Voltage 3

NAW Voltage 4

  • FNW Championship
  • johnEblud def Edge (c) (Pin)
  • Commentated by: Walleh and Dave Martini

  • Ryan Rex def TX3 (Pin)
  • Commentated by: Walleh and Dave Martini

NAW Voltage 5

NAW Voltage 6

  • Pornoman def Chuck Palumbo w/Billy Bunn (Pin)
  • Commentated by: Jeff Winninger

NAW Voltage 7

  • Note the commentary return of Bpez.

NAW Voltage 8

NAW Voltage 9

  • Link def Bret Michaels (Pin)
    • Bret had originally won the match by pinfall but Allan Caesar had came out and attacked Bret with a lead pipe and demanded the match be restarted.
  • Commentated by: Otto & Homer

NAW Voltage 10

NAW Voltage 11

  • Four on Four "ACWL Rules" Gauntlet
  • Team ACWL (Pornoman (NAW World Champion), Link, Guile, Shadow The Hedgehog def Team NAW (Bret Michaels, Larry It (NAW Intercontinental Champion, Chris Johansen, & The Crippler (NAW Television Champion) (Elimination)
    • Larry It def Link (3:01) (Pin)
    • Guile def Larry It (8:44)(Pin)
    • The Crippler def Guile (16:44) (Pin)
    • Shadow def The Crippler (19:48) (First Blood)
    • Chris Johansen def Shadow (21:59) (Pin)
    • Pornoman def Chris Johansen (24:57) (Pin)
    • Pornoman def Bret Michaels (30:02) (Pin)
  • Commentated by: Derek The V Extreme

NAW Voltage 12

NAW Voltage 13

NAW Voltage 14

NAW Voltage 15

NAW Voltage

First Ever NAW Voltage (1-8) Logo, Created By Cowburg.


Current and Second NAW Voltage (9 - Current) Logo, Created By Walleh.

NAW Voltage Opening!00:25

NAW Voltage Opening!

First Ever NAW Voltage Opening Video

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