NAW World Heavyweight Championship
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Current champion(s) Defunct
Date Won Summer 2012
League NAW
Brand North
Introduced May 14, 2009
Retired Summer 2012
Most reigns Pornoman (3 Reigns)
First Champion Sub-Zero
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The NAW World Heavyweight Championship is the top title in New Age Wrestling today. Sub Zero is the first NAW World Champion when he won the title at NAW Anarchy in the finals of the NAW World Title Tournament. The current champion is Chris Johansen, Who cashed in Contract in the Case on Sub Zero to win his second NAW World Title.

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Notes:
Sub Zero 1 Defeated Joker at NAW Anarchy.
Mr.Kennedy 1 Defeated Joker and Sub Zero(c) at NAW Vendetta
Larry It 1 Defeated Mr.Kennedy(c), Sub Zero, and JBL in a 4 way elimination at NAW Mayhem Episode 2.
Pornoman 1 Defeated Larry It(c) at NAW Emperor Rule when he won the NAW True Emperor 2009 tournament the same night to capture a title shot.
John "Bradshaw" Layfield 1 Defeated Pornoman(c), TAKA Michinoku, Mr Kennedy, and Sub Zero in a 5 Way Scramble match at NAW International Invasion and was the first Scramble match in all of CAW.
Pornoman 2 Defeated JBL(c) at New-WWE/NAW Royal Rumble to become the first person to hold the NAW World Title twice and the first ever NAW World Title match on Wrestlemania 2000
Bret Michaels 1 Defeated Pornoman(c) at NAW Reckless Rebirth in a 30 Minute Ironman Match
Bret Hart 1 Defeated Shawn Michaels & Bret Michaels(c) in a Triple Threat match to win the belt at New-WWE/NAW Night of Champions
Vacated - Vacated due to the release of Bret "The Hitman" Hart
The Rock 1 Defeated Teryo Law & Chris Johansen at NAW Destruction Zone in a Extreme Rules match.
NAW World Heavyweight Title is brought to by NAW North 3/6/10
Chris Johansen 1 Defeated The Rock(c), Shadow The Hedgehog, and Ryan Rex in a 2-Fall match to win both the NAW World and Intercontinental Championship at NAW Anarchy Anniversary 2010.
Vacated after NAW ends on 6/9/2010
Pornoman 3 Defeated The Rock at NAW Mayhem 20 to win the Vacated title.
Bret Michaels 2 Defeated Pornoman in a ladder match at NAW Final Countdown.
Larry It 2 Defeated Bret Michaels after cashing in his NAW Contract in the Case after Brets match with Pornoman at NAW Final Countdown to win the championship.
Sub Zero 2 Defeated Larry It & Walugi in a triple threat match at New-WWE/NAW Royal Rumble 5.
Chris Johansen 2 Defeated Sub Zero after cashing in his NAW Contract in the Case after Sub Zeros match with Larry It & Waluigi at New-WWE/NAW Royal Rumble 5 to win the championship.
Officially recognized as defunct the day New Age Wrestling folded.