NCCW Women's Campionship Tournament is a professional caw wrestling tournament hosted by New Championship Caw Wrestling on youtube channel TexMex Cosplayer Round 1 on August 5 and 7, Quarterfinals on August 9 and 10, 2016 in Texas, USA. The Tournament utilized caw wrestlers from World Championchip Caw Wrestling and New Japan Caw Wrestling since both caw leagues unified into NCCW. The Tournament winner will be te first NCCW Women's Champion


  Round 1 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
1  Roxanne Consiglio    
2  Kathy Demoise Pin  
     Kathy Demoise Pin  
     Martha England  
3  Ku-in of Kaisho  
4  Martha England Pin  
     Kathy Demoise  
5  Cat Girl Pin  
6  Katelynn Collins  
     Cat Girl
     Roze Pin  
7  Roze Pin
8  Cameron  
9  Mini    
10  Layla Pin  
     Hikaru Faia Pin  
11  Hikaru Faia Pin
12  Christie Fisher    
     Hikaru Faia  
     Nicole Elgin  
13  Romy  
14  Misu Japan Pin  
     Misu Japan  
     Nicole Elgin Pin  
15  Kagura Buta
16  Nicole Elgin Pin  

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