NESE Brooklyn Rage
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Promotion NESE
Date March 18, 2010
Venue MPire Hall
City Where MDickie lives
Theme Song Brooklyn Rage - Lady Gaga/YGOAS mashup
Last Event none
Next Event NESE Blackest Night

Brooklyn Rage was the first NESE Mega Event. It featured a bloody Bandit Kieth on the cover


No. Match Titles/Match Type Time
Main Event Bandit Kieth (c) defeated Picard, Mr T & Chris Hero Hell's Gate, NESE Championship 15:00
1 Adam West defeated Data Brooklyn Deathmatch 9:03
2 Nostaglia Critic (c) defeat Christian Bale 3I Championship 10:18
3 The Fourth Wall (c) defeat Efron & Steiner Tag Team Championship 12:07

Nostaglia Critic & Chick defeated The Fallen, Tenacious D, TEAM Shit & Two
Skinny Black Guys of Low Moral Fiber

No.1 Tag Team Contenders Match 8:58


Spoony defeated Snowflame Hardcore Match 11:00

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