The Champion's Carnival is a knock out competition competed in NESE POWERLAND.


  First round Quarter Finals Semifinals Finals
-  Lemarcus Carter BYE  
     Lemarcus Carter    
     Saru Hatsharu PIN  
-  Saru Hatsharu PIN
-  Tiger Shetty    
  -  Saru Hatsharu PIN  
     The Suspect    
-  Zac Efron    
-  Brent Harvanator PIN  
     Brent Harvanator  
     The Suspect PIN  
-  The Suspect PIN
-  Rocky Romero    
     Saru Hatsharu  
     Steven Santos PIN
-  Satoshi Kojima BYE  
     Satoshi Kojima PIN
     Kosmo Thomas    
-  Louden Styles  
-  Kosmo Thomas PIN  
     Satoshi Kojima  
     Steven Santos PIN  
-  Lord Tensai    
-  Steven Santos PIN  
     Steven Santos PIN
-  Smokey PIN
-  Evan O'Shea    

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