Event Horizon
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Promotion NESE
Date 8/30/15
Venue 02 Arena
City Scotland
Theme Song -
Last Event NESE No Justice No Life
Next Event NESE Clash Of Iron

NESE Event Horizon is the first NESE CPV after a long hiatus.

The Card

# Results Stipulations
1 Malcolm McDermott defeated Malik Brown Singles match for the NESE Zeo Japan Championship
2 Toru Yano defeated Garet Shetty Singles match
3 Kana (c) defeated Princess Daisy and Princess Peach Triple Threat match for the NESE Women's Championship
4 Rorschach (c) defeated The Doctor Singles match for the NESE 3I Championship
5 Dan Severn defeated Hideo Itami (c) Singles match for the NESE American Championship
6 Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Joshua Bishop Singles match
MAIN Lance Storm defeated Chris Hero (c) Singles match for the NESE World Championship
  • 4 - The Doctor assaulted Rorschach after the match.
  • 6 - After the match, Shinsuke got knocked out powerbombed by Kevin Owens.
  • MAIN - In the final moments of the match, the referee fast counted for Storm. After the match, Bandit Keith, Joey Ryan and Triple H assaulted Hero.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Ultramantis Black wanted Minoru Suzuki to joined forces with him, only to receive the Gotch-Style Piledriver.
  • Lemarcus Carter asked Brienne to make him a sandwich,only to receive a Razors Edge.
  • Steiner ask multiple NESE superstars to known where his Steinermobile is throughout the event.
  • Keith Connor requested a world title shot from a drunken Sterling Archer, only to be put Connor in a 7 match series.
  • Scott Steiner called out the person who took his Steinermobile, which was Stone Cold Steve Austin. The two came to blows until Austin hit the Stunner on Steiner.
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