A Sign of the Times
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Promotion NESE
Date April 7, 2016
Venue tbd
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Last Event NESE Clash Of Iron
Next Event NESE A Sign of the Times

NESE King of Duos is the follow up NESE CPV to NESE Clash of Iron.

The Card

# Results Stipulations
1 Neo Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black & Xenomorph ) (c) defeated Starfleet (Jean-Luc Picard & Data) King of Duos Semi Finals for the NESE Tag Team Championship
2 Bladerunners (Gage Grayson & Tyler King) defeated A Escape From Homelessness (Snake Plissken & Jon Ralphio) King of Duos Semi Finals
3 Kana (c) defeated Candice LeRae Singles match for the NESE Women's Championship
4 THE POWERS THAT BE (Bandit Keith & Anthony Nese defeated Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Antonio Cesaro) Tag Team match
5 Brienne of Tarth defeated Lemarcus Carter Singles match
6 Scott Steiner defeated Keith Connor Singles match
Main Bladerunners (Gage Grayson & Tyler King) defeated Neo Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black & Xenomorph) (c) King of Duos Finals for the NESE Tag Team Championship
  • 2 - John Ralphio hit Snake Plissken with a steel chair.
  • 4 - Triple H was replaced by the newest member of THE POWERS THAT BE, Anthony Nese.
  • 6 - This match was match #2 of Keith Conners Series of Seven (0-2)
  • 7 - Before the match started, Xenomorph was attacked by Shelton X Benjamin & Charlie Haas.


  • The Bullet Bill Clubs Waluigi & Princess Daisy attacked Princess Peach & Miss Hancock during an interview. Daisy announced their Guerrilla Warfare match for A Sign of the Times.
  • Malcolm McDermott attacked Malik Brown backstage until Tiger Shetty got between them.