NESE Rondo of Blood is the 1st Mega Event of Season 2 of New Era Of Sports Entertainment.

NESE Rondo of Blood
Rondo of Blood
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Promotion New Era Of Sports Entertainment
Date 09/04/2011
Venue Manchester Evening News Arena
City Manchester, England
Theme Song Bloody Tears by Arnaud
Last Event NESE Kurt Russellmania
Next Event NESE Springtime for Hitler

The Card

# Results Stipulations
Main Lance Storm defeated Christopher Walken (c.) Singles Match for the NESE Western Heavyweight Championship
1 Scott Steiner defeated Christian Singles Match for No.1 Contendership of the NESE Western Heavyweight Championship
2 Simon Belmont defeated Ultramantis Black Singles Match
3 Xenomoprh defeated Captain Picard and Kevin Steen (c) Singles match for the NESE 3I Championship
4 KENTA defeated Human Tornado (c) Singles match for the NESE American Championship
5 The Masters of the AA (c) defeated The Fourth Wall Tag Team match for the NESE Tag Team Championship
6 Chris Hero defeated Nostalgia Critic Singles match
Pre 1 Malcolm McDermott defeated Jerry Atric Singles match
Pre 2 The Colony defeated Jason Matthews & Kane Tag Team Match

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