NESE Springtime for Hitler is the 2nd Mega Event of Season 2 of New Era Of Sports Entertainment.

NESE Springtime for Hitler
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Promotion New Era Of Sports Entertainment
Date 14 July 2011
Venue That Place where stuff happens
City Munich, Germany
Theme Song Always by Saliva
Last Event NESE Rondo of Blood
Next Event NESE G1 Climax I

The Card

# Results Stipulations

Scott Steiner defeated Lance Storm (c), Christian, Chris Hero, Christopher Walken and Dan Severn

Elimination Chamber Match for the NESE Western Heavyweight Championship
1 KENTA (c) defeated Human Tornado & Jason Matthews Triple Threat match for the NESE American Championship
2 The Colony defeated The Masters of the AA (c) Tag Team match for the NESE Tag Team Championship;"Masks vs Title"
3 The Doctor defeated Rorschach (via Countout) Singles Match
4 Kevin Steen defeated Xenomorph Steel Cage Match
5 Danny Jackpot defeated Claudio Castagnoli Singles Match
Pre-1 Deadpool (c) defeated Sultan Shetty MPire Match for the NESE 3I Championship

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