NESE Women Championship
Wwe women's championship
Current champion(s) Kana
Date Won December 23, 2011
League NESE
Introduced idk
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Most reigns Some fag
First Champion Some fag
Last Champion Mike Dawson
Longest Reign Mike Dawson
Shortest Reign Kana
Heaviest Champion Mike Dawson
Lightest Champion Kana
Other Name(s) TNE World Heavyweight Championship
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The TNE World Heavyweight Championship is the most prestigesue prize in TNE, but in real life terms, its as lowly as the women's division as soon Ryan Baxter jobbed out to Mike Dawson. Further proof comes in the fact that two-time former champion Monzer Mazaydeh has been defeated by a woman with absolutely no wrestling experience in less than a minute.

As the TNE World Championship

Name Regin Notes
Monzer Mazaydeh 1 defeated Gaz Tower in Episode 1
xXx 1 defeated Monzer Mazaydeh and Chris Jorgsten at Violence
Monzer Mazaydeh 2 cashed in his rematch clause and defeated xXx by squash
Tyson 1 Won an elimination Chamber match at TNE Lockdown
Ryan Baxter 1 pinned Tyson in a 3 on 1 handicap match at TNE King of the Ring.
Mike Dawson 1 Defeated Ryan Baxter in under a minute on a World CAW Developmental Wrestling show.
Kana 1 Defeated Mike Dawson in a singles match on NESE POWER LAND 3

As the NESE Womens Championship

Wrestler: Times: Date No. Of Title Successful Defenses No. of Days Held Notes:
Kana 1 December 23, 2011 3 2278+ Defeated Mike Dawson