NGW Ringamania
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Promotion Next Generation Wrestling
Date December 23rd, 2012
Venue Wembley Stadium
City London, England
Theme Song Destrophy - It Ends Tonight, Extreme Music - Moment to Shine
Last Event NGW - Royal Rumble
Next Event NGW - Vengeance

After many delays NGW's chairman PiTeRo finally decided to bring back his federation for one more show. It's going to be the hottest event in Polish CAW history. The biggest stage comes to England. Over 80,000 people will witness awesome thing happening on Christmas Eve's Eve.

# Result Stipulation Time
1 Edge and Christian def. Ted DiBiase and Batista NGW Tag Team Championship 8:50
2 Cody Rhodes def. AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio and Jeff Hardy MiTB Ladder Match 11:51
3 Kurt Angle def. Triple H Singles Match 6:54
4 The Miz def. Shane McMahon Hardcore Match (if Shane wins Miz is fired, if Miz wins, he's #1 Contender for NGW Title and Shane is fired) 13:10
Bonus Brodus Clay def. Heath Slater, Bugs Bunny, Spiderman, Matt Hardy and Albert 2nd Annual Christimas Battle Royal 6:55
5 The Undertaker def. Mordecai Hell in a Cell Match 20:01
6 Daniel Bryan def. Chris Jericho Singles Match 11:47
7 Brock Lesnar (c) def. Randy Orton World Heavyweight Championship 13:40
8 Celtic Connection (Regal, Sheamus, Barrett) def. Team McMahon (CM Punk, RVD, Cactus Jack) Elimination Tag Match (Captain of winning Team is GM of Smackdown) 18:51
9 Dolph Ziggler def. Shawn Michaels (c) NGW Championship 18:29

Order of Elimination

Order Wrestler Eliminated By
1 William Regal Cactus Jack
2 Cactus Jack Wade Barrett
3 Rob Van Dam Wade Barrett
4 Wade Barrett CM Punk
5 CM Punk Sheamus