Divide And Conquer
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Promotion New Gen Wrestling
Date June 28, 2009
Venue Wachovia Center
City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Last Event NGW SuperBrawl IV
Next Event NGW American Anarchy

# Result Stipulation
1 Grove St. Gang (C.J. & Sweet) (c) defeated Harold & Kumar Tag Team match for the NGW Tag Team championship
2 The Turks (Reno & Rude) defeated Liberty City Mafia (Claude & Toni) (with Niko) Tag Team match
3 Mio Kuroki defeated Seifer Almasy (c) Hardcore match for the Hardcore championship
4 Aerith Gainsborough (c) defeated Sakura Haruno Singles match for the Women's championship
5 Courtney Cate defeated Lance Vance (c) Singles match for the International championship
6 Tifa Lockhart & Ami Mizuno defeated Lindsey Lohan & Danica Patrick (c) Tag Team match for the Womens Tag Team championship
7 Duke Nukem (c) defeated Agent 47 Singles match for the NGW championship

  • 4 - Lindsey Lohan attacked Aerith.

Hardcore Madness Mio Kuroki, Sonya, The Joker, Jet Li, Squall Leonheart, Carl Brutananadilewsky

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