Interactive Chaos

Interactive Chaos 2005

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Promotion New Gen Wrestling
Date February 26, 2005
Venue Air Canada Centre
City Toronto, Ontario
Theme Song "The Only" by Static-X
Last Event NGW New Years Bash
Next Event NGW SuperBrawl


# Result Stipulation
1 Tifa Lockhart defeated Aerith G., Motoko Kusanagi, Rei Hino and Lindsay Lohan Gauntlet match
2 Usagi Tsukino & Minako Aino defeated Lara Croft & Foxxy Love (c) Tag Team match for the Women's Tag Team championship
3 The Turks (Reno & Rude) (c) defeated Duke Nukem & James Bond Tag Team match for the NGW Tag Team championship
4 Ami Mizuno (c) defeated Rinoa Heartilly; disqualification Singles match for the Women's championship
5 Sephiroth defeated Alucard, Bitores Mendez and Cloud Strife Final destination match
6 Monty Brown (c) defeated The Rock Singles match for the NGW championship
  • 2 - Minako & Rei Hino attacked Usagi. Makoto Kino helped her.
  • 3 - Nukem turned against Bond.
  • 4 - Tidus attacked Ami.
  • 6 - Jet Li attacked Monty Brown.