NGW Mayhem 2004

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Promotion New Gen Wrestling
Date December 26, 2004
Venue Alamodome
City San Antonio, Texas
Theme Song "Personal Jesus" by Merilyn Manson
Last Event NGW Fall Brawl
Next Event NGW New Years Bash


# Result Stipulation
1 Cloud Strife defeated Sephiroth Singles match
2 Terry Tate defeated Jet Li (c) and Squall Leonheart Triple Threat match for the Hardcore championship
3 Tifa Lockhart (c) defeated Lindsay Lohan and Lara Croft Triple Threat match for the Women's championship
4 Vice Squad (Tommy Vercetti & Lance Vance) defeated Eddie Murphy & Tanner (c) Tag Team match for the Tag Team championship
5 Jeff Hardy defeated Tidus TLC match
6 Duke Nukem (c) vs James Bond vs Seifer Almasy vs The Rock (draw) Final Destination match for the NGW championship
  • 1 - Alucard attacked Cloud & Sephiroth.

Mayhem 2007

Mayhem 2007

NGW Mayhem 2007

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Promotion New Gen Wrestling
Date December 31, 2007
Venue Boardwalk Hall
City Atlantic City, New Jersey
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Last Event NGW Vixen's Vengeance 2007
Next Event NGW New Years Bash 2008


# Result Stipulation
1 Sakura Haruno (c) defeated Rinoa Heartilly Singles match for the Million Dollar championship
2 Rob Van Dam (c) defeated Jet Li Hardcore match for the Hardcore championship
3 Marcus Fenix defeated The Dark Prince Hell House match
4 TXA (Tifa Lockhart & Ami Mizuno) (c) defeated Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh TLC match for the Women's Tag Team championship
5 Minako Aino (c) defeated Yuna Steel Cage match for the Women's championship
6 Brock Lesnar (c) defeated Sephiroth Hell in a Cell match for the NGW championship
  • 5 - Lindsey Lohan attacked Minako.
  • 6 - The Rock confronted Lesnar.

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