Current champion(s) Godzilla
Date Won 18 April 2009
League NGW (2004 - 2009),
DMW: Fantasy (2010)
Introduced 2004
Most reigns Duke Nukem (7)
First Champion James Bond
Last Champion
Longest Reign Godzilla (18 April 2009 - current)
Shortest Reign
Heaviest Champion Godzilla (60,000 tons)
Lightest Champion
Other Name(s) NGW Championship
World Heavyweight Championship
NGW World Heavyweight Championship
Past design(s) NGWtitlebelt1

The New Gen Wrestling (NGW) World Heavyweight Championship is a CAW world heavyweight championship in New Gen Wrestling (NGW) and Dream Match Wrestling (DMW). This was first crowned at Survival of the Best 2004.

Current Champion

Godzilla is the current NGW World Heavyweight champion by defeating Duke Nukem at a House Show on 18/4/09

But due to the recession, UT had to close NGW after he recently brought it off Mercurius.

At the CAW Destruction Derby II pre show, Godzilla retined the title against Sephiroth in a Hell in a Cell match in REAL NGW's last match. The NGW title was reactivated to be apart of DMW soon after.

Champion List

# Champion Name Title Reign # How
1 James Bond 1 def. Duke Nukem @ SOTB04
2 Duke Nukem 1 def. James Bond @ Fall Brawl 04
3 Tommy Vercetti 1 def. Duke Nukem @ a house show on December 3, 2004
4 Duke Nukem 2 def. Tommy Vercetti @ a house show on December 3, 2004
5 Monty Brown 1 def. Duke Nukem @ NYB05
6 Jet Li 1 def. Monty Brown @ SuperBrawl I
7 Duke Nukem 3 def. James Bond & Jet Li @ 9/3/05 WarZone episode
8 Prince of Persia 1 def. Duke Nukem @ 12/31/05 WarZone Episode
9 Duke Nukem 4 def. The Prince @ NYB06
10 Tommy Vercetti 2 def. Duke Nukem @ SuperBrawl 2
11 Duke Nukem 5 def. Tommy Vercetti @ Fully Loaded 06
12 Theo Clardy 1 def. Duke Nukem @ 9/16/06 WarZone Episode
Vacated During VV06, Theo announced to vacate the title and made a tournament that began on the WarZone show after
13 Duke Nukem 6 def. James Bond @ SOTB06
14 Kurt Angle 1 def. Duke Nukem @ Fall Brawl 06
15 Sephiroth 1 def. Kurt Angle @ NYB07
16 Brock Lesnar 1 def. Sephiroth & James Bond @ Fully Loaded 07
17 James Bond 2 def. Brock Lesnar @ 12-25-07 WarZone Episode
18 Brock Lesnar 2 def. James Bond @ 12-25-07 WarZone Episode
19 The Rock 1 def. Brock Lesnar @ CAW Destiny III
20 Brock Lesnar 3 def. The Rock @ 3/22/08 WarZone Episode
21 Duke Nukem 7 def. Brock Lesnar @ SuperBrawl 4
22 Godzilla 1 def. Duke Nukem @ a house show hosted by the new NGW owner UT


  • 1 - Held a One-Night Tournament to crown the first-ever NGW Champion, this was the finals.
  • 4 - Duke regained the title later that night
  • 5 - After Monty's win, the title was renamed the NGW World Heavyweight Championship
  • 13 - This was the finals of the tournament, in a TLC match
  • 14 - This was the tie-breaker in the WarGames, in which Team NGW won
  • 16 - Brock was the "Masked Man" and entered late in the match
  • 17 - In a Christmas special of the Warzone, James Bond ask Santa Claus to grain his wish by faceing Brock for the NGW title and Santa granted his wish and Bond faced the champion as the opening match and beat him with the Secret Agent Lock
  • 18 - Brock regained it later on in the same episode in the Main Event
  • 19 - Main Event of the Multi-League CPV
  • 20 - Brock regained it on the WarZone episode after CAW Destiny III
  • 21 - Duke cashed in his Money in the Bank after Brock's match with Agent 47
  • 22 - NGW now brought by UT, Duke lost to Godzilla for the title in a house show on saturday

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