The Double Crown Championship is an accomplishment in professional caw wrestling. It is a distinction made to a professional caw wrestler who has won two specific championships in New Japan Caw Wrestling. The two titles typically feature one level of singles championship and a tag team championship.

New Japan Caw Wrestling

In New Japan Caw Wrestling the term Double Crown Champion has traditionally been used to describe a caw wrestler who has won the ICWGP Heavyweight/Junior Heavyweight Championship, and the ICWGP Heavyweight/Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. A competitor who has won this two championships is considered a "Double Crown Champion."

List of NJCW Double Crown Champions

The following is a list of NJCW Double Crown Champions with dates indicating the wrestler's first reign with the respective championship.

Dates in bold The date the wrestler became a Double Crown Champion.
no future reign possible The wrestler cannot have a reign with this championship belt.
Name colors

Won the Double Crown under the original definition.

Date colors

Won title before the NJCW Brand Extension.
1 ^The caw wrestler is no longer employed by New Japan Caw Wrestling or retired from professional caw wrestling, so future reigns are not possible.
Champion Primary Championships Tag Team Championships
ICWGP Heavyweight ICWGP Junior
ICWGP Heavyweight
Tag Team
ICWGP Junior Heavyweight
Tag Team
Maximum Max 01/06/2010


(with Quick Silver)

Quick Silver 03/20/2010


(with Maximum Max)

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