NJCW vs. ACW: Fighting Spirit Taiketsu
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Promotion Anime Championship Wrestling and New Jersey CAW Wrestling
Date August 16th, 2015
Venue Tokyo Dome
City Tokyo, Japan
Theme Song N/A
Last Event ACW @ E3 2015
Next Event ACW vs. UCCW Supershow: War of the World

NJCW vs. ACW: Fighting Spirit Taiketsu is an upcoming crossover supershow between Anime Championship Wrestling and New Jersey CAW Wrestling. It will take place on August 16, 2015 at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, and will be available on the NJCW YouTube page. The event was announced at the preshow of Ground Zero 2015 and the official match card was revealed at Ground Zero.

Buildup and Hype

The main event announced was a tag team match, with Vega and Nightwing representing NJCW taking on Cloud Strife and Kinnikuman representing ACW. The added stipulation for the match would be the winning team would be able to choose the stipulation for the NJCW/ACW match at the next CAW All-Stars event. This will be Nightwing's official return to ACW. His last appearance beforehand was at Anime Revolution 2008, losing a 2-on-1 handicap match against Beast Boy and Terra.

A major grudge match announced was Gene Starwind facing Donkey Kong in a steel cage match. Starwind made a special appearance in the audience on ACW Excel 55, and would appear to attack DK at the ACW Direct for Ground Zero, following a match against Ultraman Tiga. Starwind was the one that announced the supershow, and it was revealed by Roger Smith that his reasons for it was because of the match the two would be in for Fighting Spirit Taiketsu.

The only title match for the show is the NJCW Box Office Championship six-way between Rhyno, Simon Belmont, Star Lord, Joe Higashi, Fox McCloud, and Dan Hibiki. Another match announced was Finn Balor facing Kakashi Hatake and the final match to take place will be NJCW Women's Champion Paige facing ACW Glamor-X Champion Ino Yamanaka in a Champion vs. Champion Match. This marks only the second time in ACW history that real-life wrestlers have competed in the league, the first being the ACW Draft 2008, where John Cena faced Monkey D. Luffy.


# Result Stipulation
1 Donkey Kong defeated Gene Starwind Steel cage match
2 Kakashi Hatake defeated Finn Balor Singles match
3 Simon Belmont defeated Rhyno (c), Star Lord, Joe Higashi, Fox McCloud and Dan Hibiki Six-way match for the NJCW Box Office Championship
4 Paige defeated Ino Yamanaka Singles match
5 Cloud Strife & Kinnikuman defeated Vega & Nightwing Tag team match; winning team chooses stipulation for the NJCW/ACW match at CAW All-Stars