NLDW (No Limit Damsels Wrestling)


NLDW is a 24 all original women caw league, rising from the ashes of NYCW's women divison VGX. It's storyline driven and has a few elements of fantasy (magic powers, mostly).  It takes place in France in Neo-Versailles, a place in the middle of the Palace of Versailles, owned by a mysterious and self proclaimed King, Warlock the 1st in an alternative reality.

Three arenas :

  1. The Ladies Ballroom
  2. The Dungeon of Doom
  3. The Joust Arena of the Secret Gardens

Three titles : 

  1. The True Champion Title
  2. The Alliance Title (tag team)
  3. The Extreme Title

It is supposed to be a one season only league of 12 episode. One episode of approximately 1h45 happens each month, exclusively on Caw Mainstream.

Roster :

  1. Jessica Burke
  2. Oksana Ivanova
  3. Tracy Cash
  4. Miss Penny Dreadful
  5. Nozomi Aono
  6. Ginger ale
  7. Elfrieda Scarlet
  8. Kara Tikka Massala
  9. Charlotte Mc Queen
  10. Monica Stevens
  11. Kim Rage
  12. Vanni Marcel
  13. Lessa Amore
  14. Gwen Evershade
  15. Freyja Hansen
  16. Holly Faith
  17. Shazama the Witch
  18. The Mighty Sumeria
  19. Wicked Willow
  20. Amber Wong
  21. Jenna Riya (formerly know as Nathalie Joy)
  22. Becky Roulette
  23. Teresa Sofia
  24. Silvana Gemma

Tag Teams :

  1. Team Bollyvia (Teresa Sofia & Kara "Tikka" Massala
  2. Aces of Spades (Tracy Cash & Oksana Ivanova)
  3. The Prides of Puerto Rico (Vanni Marcel & Lessa Amore)
  4. Rage & Courage (Kim Rage & Monica Stevens)
  5. The Pinkillers (Charlotte McQueen & Jessica Burke)
  6. The Mystic Circle (Holly Faith & Freyja Hansen)
  7. The Iron Maidens (Elfrieda Scarlet & Ginger Ale)
  8. The Orient Express (Nozomi Aono & Amber Wong)
  9. Team "Don't Tread on Me" (Becky Roulette & Gwen Evershade)
  10. The Desert Storm (Shazama the Witch & The Mighty Sumeria)
  11. The Biosphere Belles (Penny Dreadful & Silvana Gemma)
  12. The Unpredictables (Wicked Willow & Jenna Riya)

Staff :

King Warlock (King of Neo Versailles). Nobody knows his real identity.

Extreme Division : Cardinal Ludovicius / Ludivine De La Roche

Tag Team Division : The Chancelor

General Manager : Myriad

Other members : Rex (security guard), Uncle Chen (manager), Agnus McQueen (manager), Allistair McPherson (interviewer), Andy Lukis (commentator), Mayor Radhjiv (guest), Ricardo (guest)

Episode List :

1.Release Party

2.Unfinished Business

3.Crisis of Identities



5.Musketeers & Cardinal Guards

6.The Joust of the Just

7.Game of Thrones

8.Funeral Doom

9.Masks and Mirrors

10.The Wheel of Misfortune

11.The Prophecy

12.All stories have an end...

Current Status : 

The season is over.

NLDW on caw mainstream exclusively

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