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Spring Cleaning was the fourteenth NoDQ CAW Mega Event. It was also host to the second ever Triforce TLC Match. Spring Cleaning was originally aired on May 6, 2005. The theme for Spring Cleaning was "Feel Good Time" by Pink.

# Results Stipulations Time
1 Chef defeated Ganondorf (c) Singles match for the International Championship 6:27
2 Superman is the winner Royal Rumble: NoDQ CAW Championship #1 Contender 10:25
3 Zatoichi defeated Leatherface & The Joker Handicap match 2:16
4 Mr. Clean defeated Las Vegas Link (c) and Spider-Man TriForce TLC match for the NODQ CAW CHampionship 7:39
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by Time
1 Jason Voorhees 8 Superman 9:32
2 Freddy Krueger 2 Jason, Luigi and Ryu 3:30
3 Conehead 1 Jason 0:05
4 Ryu 3 Luigi 3:17
5 Luigi 4 Terminator 5:08
6 The Terminator 5 Superman 3:00
7 Mario 6 Superman 3:35
8 Superman WINNER 3:19
9 Ken 7 Jason 1:05
10 Michael Myers 9 Superman 1:25

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