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NWF (Nonstop Wrestling Federation)


NWF first got it's start around 2004. When at the time the show's weren't recorded or edited. Also in 2004 it was called BEW. But in 2008 the name changed to NWF.

Season One

NWF began it's first season on the wwe smackdown vs raw 2008 video game. This also marked the first NWF using a next gen console called the Sony Playstation 3. The season began in March of 2008. However the show was never recorded or edit because of lack of supplies need to make the show. So the show was just played out on the game up until December of 2008.

Season Two

NWF began it's second season only this time using the wwe smackdown vs raw 2009 video game on the Playstation 3. This time around the show was able to be recorded and edited. Also the roster changed a bit since the first season as well. NWF began this season with a new logo and a brand new attitude era like show to the plate. In this season the storylines would be over the top and a lot darker. Which meant in this season NWF wouldn't be holding anything back. The storylines were based off the wwf attitude era with a new twist. Also their would be more CPV's (Click Per Views) in this season.

Weekly Shows


The flagship show of NWF usually Mayhem will have the better storylines and matches. Mayhem has a Monday Night RAW Theme to the show.


The B show of NWF. The show would continue where Mayhem left off. Showdown has a Thursday Night Smackdown Theme to the show.


This show only has one match on the card, and is usually done right before a CPV. Burnout has a Sunday Night Heat Theme to the show.

CPV's (Click Per Views)

The mega events that happen monthly or at the end of each month.

Current CPV's




The Great Brawler Bash

King Of Champions

One Day Remains

No Remores

Survivor Trials

Royal Retribution

Muscle Mania

Former CPV's

Over The Limit



Hell Havoc

Loaded With Fury

Summer Games

Cyber Chaos

Ring Of Glory


The supstars of NWF that make up the show.

Anthony Perez


Bolt Shocker


Chad Warden




James Crow

Red Ranger

Rusty The Clown

Peter Gates


Max Steel

Jet Li

Paul Phoenix

The Penguin (NWF Co Comissioner)

Paul Bearer

The Undertaker

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Rock


Kurt Angle


Joe Jonas

Nick Jonas

Kevin Jonas


Megan Fox

Lara Croft


Curt Major

Zach Major

Tommy Lee Jones

Will Smith




Reggie Bush

Kim Kardashian

Ric Flair (NWF Comissioner)

Mr.Williams (NWF Owner)

Barbara Eden

Ash Ketchem

Steve Urkel

Alfred Hitchcock

Velvet Sky

Archie Andrews



The Riddler


Ministry Of Dakrness(The Undertaker, Paul Bearer, James Crow, Raiden, Mideon And Viscera)

The Originals( Bryan & Bolt Shocker)

Major Twins( Curt & Zach)

Men In Black( Tommy Lee Jones & Will Smith)

Interesting Facts

NWF was the first CAW League to have a Ambulance and Bolier Room Brawl Match.

NWF also was the second to hold a CAW Funeral.

NWF is also one of the few CAW Leagues with the largest roster.

Where To Catch NWF

NWF is usually uploaded on Youtude at this acount [1]

Also catch NWF on Blip.Tv where all the new episodes will be uploaded [2]

NWF Official website

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