The Noob Wrestling League has multiple accomplishments other than just championships. These include Money in the Bank Winners, Royal Rumble Winners, and Triple Crown Winners.

Money in the Bank Winners

This is a list of all wrestlers who have won the NWL Money in the Bank match. The winner receives a match for the NWL Championship at any point within the next year.

Year Name Days Until Cash In Event Results
2014 Vincent Andolini 45 NWL Episode 15 Sucessfully beat Cowboy Keith
2015 Vincent Andolini 84 NWL Extreme Rules 2 Sucessfully beat Carnage
2016 Agent Smith 486+ Has not cashed in yet

Royal Rumble Winners

This is a list of all wrestlers who have won the NWL Royal Rumble. The winner received a NWL Championship match at the next NWL Wrestlemania.

Year Name Results
2014 Sting Successfully beat Chaz Parker at NWL Wrestlemania 1
2015 Carnage Successfully beat Vincent Andolini at NWL Wrestlemania 2

Triple Crown Winners

The NWL Triple Crown is composed of winning the NWL Championship, the NWL Intercontinental Championship, and the NWL Tag Team Championship.

Wrestler NWL Championship NWL Intercontinental Championship NWL Tag Team Championship
Carnage June 14, 2015 June 29, 2014 X mark

e v Noob Wrestling League Roster
Current Wrestlers: Agent Smith · Batista · Carnage · Chaz Parker · Christian · CM Punk · Cody Rhodes · Corey Mills · Cowboy Keith · Daniel Bryan · Dolph Ziggler · Dominic · Drew McIntyre · Edge · El Generico · Hiroshi Nakamoto · Lamar Henderson · Leroy Brown · Oompa Loompa · Pennywise · Randy Orton · Rey Mysterio · Ronald McDonald · Seth Rollins · Spider-Man · Steve Smooth · Sting · Ted Dibiase · Triple H · The Devil · The Doctor · Vincent Andolini · Wade Barrett · Willy Wonka
Former Wrestlers: Boom · Christian Torres · Shawn Michaels

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