NWL Money in the Bank 3
Promotion NWL
Date April 24, 2016
Theme Song "Money and the Power" by Kid Ink
Last Event NWL Over the Limit 3
Next Event NWL Summerslam 3

NWL Money in the Bank 3 is the sixteenth CPV of the Noob Wrestling League. It is also the third Money in the Bank event for the NWL. It was held on April 24, 2016.


Following his loss to Edge & Christian at NWL Over the Limit 3, Corey Mills continued to be fixated on Christian. After attacking Hiroshi after a match, Christian came out to even the odds. A grudge match was scheduled for the CPV.

On the April 6th episode of the NWL Mick Foley announced qualifying matches for the Money in the Bank Ladder match. That same day Edge and Chaz Parker won matches to qualify. On April 13th Wade Barrett & Cowboy Keith won a tag team match and Agent Smith won a singles match to qualify. On the April 20th episode of the NWL the debuting Seth Rollins claimed the final spot.

On April 6th Vincent Andolini claimed that he would not be in the Money in the Bank match this year and instead demanded another shot at Carnage. GM Mick Foley granted his request with the stipulation that if he lost the match he would not receive another NWL Championship match for an entire year.


# Results Stipulations
1 Steve Smooth (c) def. CM Punk Singles Match for the NWL Intercontinental Championship
2 Corey Mills def. Christian Singles Match
3 Agent Smith def. Chaz Parker, Wade Barrett, Cowboy Keith, Edge and Seth Rollins 6-Man Money in the Bank Ladder Match
4 Carnage (c) def. Vincent Andolini Singles Match for the NWL Championship


  • 4 - If Vincent Andolini lost the match, he would not get another NWL Championship match for an entire year.

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