NWL Summerslam
SS 1-Small
Promotion NWL
Date June 29, 2014
Theme Song "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock
Last Event NWL Money in the Bank
Next Event NWL Extreme Rules

NWL Summerslam is the third CPV of the Noob Wrestling League. It is also the first Summerslam event for the NWL. It was held on June 29, 2014.


On the May 28th episode of the NWL, Chaz Parker won a Fatal 4-Way #1 contenders match to challenge Cowboy Keith for his NWL Championship. Over the next couple of weeks Keith battle Tough competition to prove he was ready for the match. Vincent Andolini also made sure that both wrestlers knew he was waiting for the perfect moment to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

After debuting at Money in the Bank, Carnage has gone on a winning streak beating both Edge and Dolph Ziggler. After both matches he would viciously attack them, injuring both wrestlers, and state he wants Spiderman. On June 11th Spiderman and Carnage would face off with Carnage picking up the victory and earning himself a title match.

Christian Torres had yet to win a match in the NWL. After losing to Rey Mysterio on the June 11th episode, his frustration would boil over and he delivered a low blow to Mysterio. The following week he got his first victory over Mysterio via count-out, leading to this rematch.

On the May 21st episode of the NWL, Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa beat Legacy in a non-title match. Dibiase would go on to beat both Wonka and Oompa in singles matches over the next month but Rhodes would lose to both.

CM Punk attempted to get another chance at the NWL Championship but was almost pinned by Boom in the Fatal 4-Way #1 contenders match on May 28th. The fact that Boom almost beat him has upset Punk and lead him to challenge Boom to a match.


# Results Stipulations
1 Christian Torres def. Rey Mysterio Singles Match
2 Legacy (DiBiase & Rhodes) (c) def. Willy Wonka & Oompa Loompa Tag Team Match for the NWL Tag Team Championship
3 Vincent Andolini def. Ronald McDonald Singles Match
4 Carnage def. Spider-Man (c) Singles Match for the NWL Intercontinental Championship
5 CM Punk def. Boom Singles Match
6 Cowboy Keith (c) def. Chaz Parker Singles Match for the NWL Championship