OPW NXT 9/3/14
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Promotion OPW: NXT
Date February/March 2014
Venue Old Trafford
City Manchester, England
Theme Song Three Days Grace - Broken Glass.
Last Event N/A
Next Event NXT 4/5/14(OPW)

OPW: NxT 9/3/14 is the 1st overall CPV of OPW: NxT Season 1. It will feature the NXT Championship Tournament.


Result Stip Title
Iridium def. Aaron Omega NxT Championship Tournament Finals OPW NxT Championship
Aaron Omega def. Mark Campbell Tournament round 1
Iridium def.The Unkown Tournament round 1
Jokerr def. Rain Lopez, Cyrus Perizma Extreme Rules triple threat Elimination Match. #1 Contender to OPW NxT Championship