NXT Championship
NXT Championship Belt
Current champion(s) Vacant
Date Won N/A
League New-WWE
Brand Raw
Introduced 2015
Retired 2016
Most reigns Athouse
First Champion Biff Andreas
Last Champion Belmont
Longest Reign Athouse (2nd reign)
Shortest Reign Athouse (1st reign)
Heaviest Champion Ryback (291 lbs)
Lightest Champion Seth Rollins (217 lbs)
Other Name(s) -
Past design(s)

The NXT Championship was a main event title in New-WWE. It was introduced in Season 9, replacing the DCO World Championship. Though it is a main event title and considered by the company to be a World Championship, the NXT Title is secondary to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As a result, it cannot be used in place of it to complete Triple Crowns, and does not count towards the Grand Slam. Originally, superstars of either brand were allowed to compete for it. However, following the return of the brand extension in Season 10, the title became exclusive to Raw after Belmont was drafted there during his title reign. On the first episode of Raw following the brand split being put into place, Raw General Manager John Kimble retired the NXT Championship, replacing it with a new top-tier championship for Raw in the form of the Universal Championship. The first NXT Champion in New-WWE was Biff Andreas. The final champion was Belmont.

Wrestler Times Date Days Held Location Event Notes Brand
Biff Andreas 1 April 15, 2015 41 Rosemont, IL Extreme Rules 8 Awarded the championship by Mr. McMahon to replace the DCO World Championship. Smackdown
Seth Rollins 1 May 26, 2015 78 Phoenix, AZ Money in the Bank 5 Raw
Ryback 1 August 12, 2015 71 Boston, MA Night of Champions 8 Raw
Dean Ambrose 1 October 22, 2015 82 Indianapolis, IN Survivor Series 6 Defeated Ryback in a Steel Cage Match. Raw
Athouse 1 January 12, 2016 20 New-WWE Arena Raw Episode 358 Defeated Dean Ambrose in a No Disqualification Match on Raw with the help of Big Show. Smackdown
Cesaro 1 February 1, 2016 74 New Orleans, LA Elimination Chamber 7 Defeated Athouse, Neville, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and Zeus Tucker in an Elimination Chamber Match. Raw
Athouse 2 April 15, 2016 105 Rosemont, IL Extreme Rules 9 Smackdown
Belmont 1 July 29, 2016 35 Cleveland, OH Unforgiven 4 Raw
Title becomes exclusive to Raw as a result of Belmont being drafted there during his reign as part of the Season 10 Brand Extension, and is de-activated shortly afterward.

List of combined reigns

As of March 20, 2018

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days
1. Athouse 2 125
2. Dean Ambrose 1 82
3. Seth Rollins 1 78
4. Cesaro 1 74
5. Ryback 1 71
6. Biff Andreas 1 41
7. Belmont 1 35
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