NXT Tag Team Championship
NXT Tag Team Championship 1 GD-1-
Current champion(s) Bladerunners (Gage Grayson & Tyler King)
Date Won December 31st, 2015
League WEDF
Brand NXT
Introduced 2015
Retired -
Most reigns All Champions (1)
First Champion Bladerunners (Gage Grayson & Tyler King)
Last Champion -
Longest Reign N/A
Shortest Reign N/A
Heaviest Champion N/A
Lightest Champion N/A
Other Name(s) -
Past design(s)

Title History

Champion Reign Date Days held Event Notes
The Bladerunners
Gage Grayson (1) and Tyler King (1)
1 December 31st, 2015 716+ WEDF NXT: Arrival Defeated the Lucha Dragons for the vacant championships.
e v WEDF Championships
RAW Championships: World Heavyweight Championship · WEDF United States Championship
Smackdown Championships: WEDF Championship · WEDF Intercontinental Championship
Interpromotional Championships: WEDF Undisputed Tag Team Championship · WEDF Television Championship
NXT Championships: NXT Championship · NXT Tag Team Championship
Other Championship Accomplishments: WEDF Tag Team Championship · WEDF World Tag Team Championship · WEDF Hardcore Championship · ECCW World Championship · WEDF European Championship · WEDF Triple Crown · WEDF Grand Slam

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