Needlehead(Real Name is John Howe).Neddlehead is a former 5 Time WWF Champion during his glory days. Would later move to BEW in Early 2006 and would become 3 Time Champion their.Howe is really good friends with Dragon Force (Scott Benjamin).He is current BEW World Champion. Currently works for the World Wrestling Franchise under the BEW brand.

Early Beginnings

Neddlehead (Real name is John Howe) was born in Vancuvor British Colombia in 1977. Then moved to East Ruthored New Jersey. His youngtest brother Christopher Rodman Howe is a professional wrestler in WWF minor league under the name Amazing Gold. Neddlehead was amazing amatuer wrestler when he went to Buckneil College in Pennysvania. Would start in a indepenedent wrestling company called TCW.


Would start in TCW in 1995 wrestled their for 3 years under the name Christian Howe. His only knowledge able fued was aganiest Troy Michaels when he was the Imbassador for 3 monthes. Howe would call out and say " I am better then you Michaels i can beat any time". He would get that match where he would last 25 minutes with the WWF Legend. Michaels would look like he was in his prime. Howe would win afer a rollup. Howe would have a 5 month reign as their champion. Neddlehead would get signed by the WWF in late 97.

WWF (1997-2007)

Howe would get the Needlehead character from Vincent Bischoff where he would enter a different relm. Neddlehead would become the WWF Pearce Champion on 3 occasions then put his eyes on the WWF Championship who it would be held by Dan Angle

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